ABC’s of Losing My Religion

DJ, give me a BEAT….


Uh-huh. Here we go.

A is for Allegiance. To God and to his word.

B is for Benevolent. Prayer to reassure.

C is for Content. To stay and to obey.

D is for Direction. Taught to be the only way.

E is for Every. Every fiber of my soul.

F is for Follow. Like a child, I am told.

G is for God. He is great and he is good.

H is for Hierarchical brotherhood.

I is for Inquire. A quest with faith put first.

J is for Jigsaw. Answers fit as though rehearsed.

K is for Kolob. Mother stays a reverie.

L is for Legalistic like the Pharisees.

M is for Miffed. I am troubled by the truth.

N is for Neglected by a God who gives no proof.

O is for Obfuscate. Deception from the top.

P is for Ponder. Was this all for naught?

Q is for Quagmire. Want to stay but want to run.

R is for Rage. Look what the church has done!

S is for Salvage any loved ones who will heed.

T is for Try in vain to make them see.

U is for Useless. They’ll believe in what they do.

V is for Vindicate your worth by being YOU.

W is for Warrior. For those who need a voice.

X is for eXistence. I will thrive by my own choice!

Y is for Yearning to educate the mind.

Z is for Zeal and respect for all mankind.



2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Losing My Religion

  1. I just listened to your essay on Infants on Thrones. I really like your positivity and I share a desire to find common ground with others instead of building walls made up of differences. I’ll check out your other posts on this site. Good luck with your writing!


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