My Interview with Infants on Thrones


I’ve been waiting for the Infants on Thrones podcast to release my interview to announce that….I took second place in their essay contest!

Soon after I got my blog set up, I heard that IOT was taking submissions for a listener essay contest. I thought it would be a good opportunity to flex my tiny writing muscles, and as a long-time listener of the post-mormon themed podcasts, I was excited for the chance to be featured on IOT.

I adapted the essay from two of my previous blog posts, Think Bigger and The Atheist and the Humanist. Then I spliced in a little music and magic. It’s for fun.

Since my essay aired, I’ve had a lot of really good feedback from strangers, friends and family. Thank you to those who voted and who took the time to reach out with kind words of encouragement. You inspire me to keep writing, and remind me that I am a part of community outside of my own mind. It might not seem like a big deal, but it keeps me mentally grounded in something positive when my default can often be curmudgeoned and hopeless.

I had a great time talking to Glenn and Tom, and I hope to do it again sometime soon! We talk about a little of everything: leaving the church, being in a mixed-faith marriage, writing and my dystopia.

So here it is, Episode 481 – Meet the Incredible Delaney Darco.



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