Called to Word

I was born and raised a Mormon. No, not the Warren Jeffs Mormon. Think Mitt Romney Mormon. Well, I’m an atheist now. I lost conviction in the church’s truth claims, and my belief in god. Apparently atheism has cleansed my religious pallet enough to gain an curiosity in faith traditions of all kinds.

I write to rally all dissenters. Ex Mormon, Ex Catholic, Ex Muslim. Ex Jehovah’s Witness, Ex Scientologist and all the other Ex’s. We dissenters are a special group. The audacity of throwing our deepest values and spiritual aspirations into a meat grinder is something to celebrate! Some have risked their lives to do so. We are surviving a transformation worth writing about.

I also write to spark rational dialogue between us and the believers we once were. Can we embrace the religious friends and family among us while simultaneously rejecting some of their core values?

Our human impulse is to think in black and white. You leave your religion and you want to burn it to the ground. A transition of faith is painful, full of rage. The scars go deep. It takes years to heal. But then you get comfortable in your new frame of mind, and you realize that life is better with nuance.