A Place of Healing – My Sunstone Experience

I have thrown myself back into the world of Post Mormonism, and the whole thing has caught me off guard. A few months ago, I found myself coming to grips with being angry with the church all over again. I mean, it happens from time to time, but this time I got stuck in the … Continue reading A Place of Healing – My Sunstone Experience


My Interview with Infants on Thrones

I've been waiting for the Infants on Thrones podcast to release my interview to announce that....I took second place in their essay contest! Soon after I got my blog set up, I heard that IOT was taking submissions for a listener essay contest. I thought it would be a good opportunity to flex my tiny … Continue reading My Interview with Infants on Thrones

Tension – A Poem

Ignition rampant fire monster Galloping information highway inferno All consuming processor Of things once restricted Burning it down Burn it all the fuck down Ballooning heads rise to the stars Look longingly down on lovers left Come with me I’m rising Above the smoky blackened earth Scorched by rage Did my hell-fire hurt you? Orange … Continue reading Tension – A Poem